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Emissionsdaten in der Transportlogistik

Emissionsdaten in der Transportlogistik (Webinar)

Webinar: Emissionsdaten in der Transportlogistik

Whitepaper: AI in Business

AI in Business

Use Case: Intelligente visuelle Qualitätskontrolle in der Fertigung

Intelligente visuelle Qualitätskontrolle in der Fertigungsindustrie (German)

Presentation: Impact of AI Use Cases

The Impact of AI Use Cases on the German Economy

Whitepaper: Commercialization of AI

Commercialization of AI

Use Case: Betrugserkennung im Versicherungswesen

Betrugserkennung in Versicherungen durch Machine Learning & Predictive Analytics (German)

Whitepaper: Understanding AI

Understanding AI

Whitepaper: Top 10 Technology Predictions

Top 10 Technology Predictions

Externe Reports

AI & The Future of Work - 38 pages
Toward AI Security - 94 pages
Demystifiying Artifical Intelligence in Risk and Compliance - 33 pages
Machine Learning / Deep Learning 2019 - 60 pages
State of AI Report - 136 pages
The State of AI: Divergence 2019 - 148 pages
WEF: Impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on Supply Chains - 22 pages
Microsoft: Decentralized Identity - 23 pages
BCG Gamma: Mind the AI Gap - 20 pages
McKinsey Global Institute: Notes from the AI frontier: Insights from hundreds of use cases - 36 pages
Deloitte: The new physics of financial services - 27 pages
McKinsey: Crossing the frontier: How to apply AI for impact - 111 pages
Accenture: How AI boosts industry profits and innovation - 28 pages
2019 Edelman AI Survey - 40 pages
Artificial Intelligence: Governance and Leadership - 22 pages
Artificial Intelligence in Europe - Germany - 80 pages
The Rise of AI, Platforms, and ecosystems - 22 pages
Künstliche Intelligenz im Umweltbereich - 42 pages
BCG: The Big Leap Toward AI at Scale - 19 pages
Fabric VC: The State of the Token Market - 24 pages
PAiCE: Potenziale der künstlichen Intelligenz im produzierenden Gewerbe in Deutschland - 68 pages
McKinsey Global Institute: Artificial Intelligence: Implications for China - 20 pages
KPMG, TrendOne: Wertschöpfung neu gedacht - 42 pages
DHL: Blockchain in Logistics - 28 pages
WEF, PwC: Building Block(chain)s for a Better Planet - 37 pages
IBM: Daring to be first - How auto pioneers are taking the plunge into blockchain - 24 pages
Artificial Intelligence Trends 2019 Roundup - 22 pages
Easing the pressure points: The state of intelligent automation - 36 pages
Notes from the AI frontier: Tackling bias in AI - 8 pages
Driving impact at scale from automation and AI - 100 pages
Künstliche Intelligenz - Eine Studie zum Status quo in deutschen Unternehmen - 47 pages
BCG: AI in the Factory of the Future - 20 pages
McKinsey Digital: Smartening up with Artificial Intelligence - 52 pages
European Comission: USA-China-EU plans for AI: where do we stand? - 8 pages
McKinsey Global Institute: Artificial Intelligence: The next digital frontier? - 80 pages
KPMG: Institutionalization of cryptoassets - 42 pages
DHL, IBM: Artificial Intelligence in Logistics - 45 pages
Andrew Ng: AI Transformation Playbook - 12 pages
Artificial Intelligence: The next frontier fo investment management firms - 16 pages
Artificial Intelligence and the Circular Economy - 39 pages
Notes from the AI frontier: Trackling Europe's gap in Digital an d AI - 60 pages
Einsatzfelder von künstlicher Intelligenz im Produktionsumfeld - 31 pages
WIPO Technology Trends 2019: Artificial Intelligence - 158 pages
Wig2: Blockchain: Die Demokratisierung des Gesundheitswesens? - 32 pages
KPMG: Realizing blockchain's potential - 16 pages
Die Bundesregierung: Strategie Künstliche Intelligenz der Bundesregierung - 47 pages
McKinsey Global Institute: Notes from the frontier: Modeling the impact of AI on the world economy - 64 pages
IBM: Blockchain: Emerging Use Cases for Insurance - 12 pages
Capgemini: Does blockchain hold the key to a new age of supply chain transparency and trust? - 32 pages
AI Now Institute, New York University: AI Now Report 2018 - 62 pages

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